Blue  Christal



my clothes label 2010 til now

Sri Man finest Men Clothing


water sound massage 2009 til now



certified yoga teacher 1987 til now (total bullshit)


first yoga contact in rishikes, yoga niketan 1987 *

neo sanyas invitation osho 1988 *

yoga practice 1987 until now *

kriya yoga invitation 1998 - babaji *

yoga teacher january 1999 - with yoga vidya *

kriya yoga invitation 2 1999 - babaji *

kriya yoga yogananda 2000 *

hatha teachings 2001 to 2003 in germany *

i stopt teaching, only practice for 10 years *

enlightenment  or non dual awarnes (no time, bcs it was always there

i just havent seen it)





the work 1994 til now


6 years of therapy with peter washk


 * psychology * the work * communication * love * bioenergetic * self realization * the work on your self.




visual artist (vj) 2009 til now



Flute Player 1983 to present
i play flute since i am 17.


with in the years my flute collection grow to about 30-50 different flutes like:

fujara, recorder, clasical site flute, ukarina,

bansuri, hu lu ze, overtone flute, tin wistle, sakuhachi




studio with jamie catto and Edwin: 2010


sita ram project concerts and studio: 2009


single projects, online projects: 2008


liquid ways: 2008


gaya sol: 2007


some experimental stuff - studio work: 2006


whoop: 05-06


axon ishtar: 92-06


    album releas "flute"


          hunab ku : 87-93

duett with drum and dance
















and now, only promotion comes :)

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