Theta Meditation

Brainwave- Dream Tunnel

Hyper Dimensional Being Vol.1 - DREAM TUNNEL -- Brainwave Sound journey- is created to guide the listener into a powerful brainwave out of body experience.


This soundtrack is created to allow effective brainwave entrainment to happen with ease through experimental sound design and tones. Atmospheric in nature this soundtrack is like taking a journey out of this world and as you travel deeper and deeper you become more in tune with the wonderful theta rhythms within. Using deep tones and sound FX with powerful brainwave entrainment allows for a profound experience to take place every time. Create your own out of body perception with ease at the same time as you relax into a deep theta meditation that is unlike you has ever experienced.


We Are One

Aligned With Love and Light

Meditation Binarual Beat BrainSync


Theta and Delta frequencies along with atmospheric sounds and melodies which will leave you feeling Balanced, Aligned, and provide a feeling of ONEness with Mom Earth and your own higher self.  The realization that you are a Pure Vibrational Being consisting of unconditional LOVE and beautiful Radiant Light~*


Gamma waves-40HZ. Isochronic tones

Gamma waves are good for raising consciousness, inspiration, and astral travel. This uplifting video does not require headphones


Alpha Brainwave Expansion 

Deep Immersion - PsimatiX Entrainment

Rhythmic, Binaural

This PsimatiX video is intended to give you a good push to shift into an altered state of awareness and expansion of mind. Uses proprietary PsimatiX entrainment methods including rhythmic, binaural, stereophonic, and resonance methods. Enter into alpha and/or theta brainwave states for meditation, relaxation, shamanic journeys, and self hypnosis.